How can I get a Work Travel Visa?

Everyone wants to get the most out of their hard work. Sadly though, this isn’t always possible, and we often run into a host of obstacles that prevent us from making the kind of money that we really should. Sometimes, people feel like employers aren’t offering what they used to. And other times, it just seems like nobody’s hiring. Given these issues, many workers are beginning to look overseas for potential job offers. It’s a tempting thought. After all, if you’re willing to make the move, you might be able to find a similar position in a different country that pays many times what you’re earning now. Maybe you’re thinking of trying it out yourself. But before you go, you’ll need to get a work visa for the country in question. This fact raises a couple of important questions, instance – How do you get a work visa? Which countries offer work visas most readily? And can you get one without having any job offers? How can I get a Work Travel Visa?

Although each country’s visa system varies slightly, the general format for obtaining a work visa is the same. Most notably, you’ll need to find an embassy or consulate for that country, and inquire as to the specifics of the process.

In most cases, this kind of information can also be found online.

How can I get a Work Travel Visa?
How can I get a Work Travel Visa?

Most countries will also split their work visas up into multiple subsets or categories. As such, you’ll need to make sure that you’re applying for the right type of visa before you get underway.

South Africa, for instance, will usually break up its work visa system into 3 main sections, namely –

  • General Work Visas
  • Critical Skills Visas
  • Intra-company Transfer Visas

Simply put, you’ll need to figure out what kind of work visa applies to your specific situation. Do you work in a highly specialised field? If so, you may be able to get a critical skills visa rather than a general work visa. That said, general work visas are the most common type, and most applicants will need to apply for them.

Usually, you will also have to meet certain prerequisites before you can qualify for a work visa in another country. Normally, this includes things like –

  • Having valid documentation
  • Having a police clearance certificate
  • Having the financial means to support yourself
  • Having a valid means of return to your country of origin
  • Etc

Remember: the work visa application process can end up taking quite a long time to go through (depending on the country), and may even be delayed. So don’t book your flights before you actually have the visa in hand.

What is the Easiest Country to get a Work Travel Visa?

Cambodia is generally considered to be one of the easiest countries to get a work visa. Not only that, but the application period is also much shorter than in most other nations.

Which Countries Offer a Work Visa?

Most countries offer some form of work visa, although some are much easier to get than others. In Germany, for example, you can even apply for a ‘freelance visa’ if you’re self-employed.

Which Countries Offer Work Visas Without Job Offers?

Many countries have a system in place which grants work visas to foreigners, even if they do not have an active job offer in the country. Generally speaking, it is the critical-skills work visa or some variation of it.

Simply put, there are certain high-value skill sets that are commonly sought after in most countries. Places like Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, will sometimes accept a foreigner with no current job offer, so long as they meet the special skill requirements.

Check online, or with the consulate of the nation in question, to figure out if you make the cut for your country of choice.

How can I get a Work Travel Visa?
How can I get a Work Travel Visa?

What is the Cheapest Country to Live in?

Vietnam is usually considered to be one of the cheapest places to live in, and foreigners moving in from wealthier nations are often surprised by the purchasing power of their currency in this Southeast Asian country. Additionally, Vietnam boasts a wide variety of beautiful locations and delicious local foods.

What is the Highest Salary Paying Country?

While the precise numbers may vary from job to job and year to year, Switzerland usually tops the list as the highest salary-paying country in the world.

However, there is a drawback to this boon that must be addressed. Unlike some of the other countries mentioned so far, Switzerland also has an extremely high cost of living. So don’t expect all that extra money to go as far as it would in a less wealthy nation.

Which European Country is the Easiest to get a Work Visa in?

Malta offers work visas to a wide range of individuals from around the world, and the application process is generally quite quick and easy when compared to other nations.

Countries like Germany and Spain are also quite welcoming of foreigners coming to work within their borders.

How Long Do Work Visas Last For?

The validity period of your visa will depend on both the country in question, as well as on the type of work visa you are applying for. For instance, in South Africa, general work visas are valid for the duration of employment or for a period not exceeding 5 years.

That said, they can usually be renewed upon their expiration. By contrast, an intra-company transfer visa will only be valid for a maximum period of 4 years, and will not be eligible for renewal or extension.

Can you Apply for Permanent Residency on a Work Visa?

Most countries do allow foreigners on work visas to apply for permanent residency once they have lived and worked in the country for a specified minimum period. In places like South Africa and the UK, this period stands at 5 years  

What are Golden Passports/Visas?

Certain countries provide accelerated residency and citizenship functions for affluent individuals who are able to contribute economically.

Put simply, very wealthy people who are able to invest in qualifying businesses, create many jobs, purchase qualifying real estate, etc., are usually put on the fast track for residency and citizenship when applying.

The exact investment amount will differ based on the area, but it will usually require a couple of million rands at the very least.

How can I get a Work Travel Visa?
How can I get a Work Travel Visa?

In Conclusion – How Do I Get a Work Visa Abroad?

Each country has a different set of requirements when it comes to getting a work visa. To find out about the specifics, you should check online via their immigration website, or seek out an embassy/consulate inside your home country.

Some nations’ work visa prerequisites are more severe than others, but, generally speaking, you will need fundamental things like –

  • A valid documentation
  • A police clearance certificate
  • The financial means to support yourself
  • A valid means of return to your country of origin
  • Etc

It is also important that you understand which specific type of work visa applies to your circumstances. For example, an individual with specialised and highly sought-after skills would probably qualify for a critical-skills work visa instead of a general work visa.

Some countries, like Germany, will even offer a freelancer visa which can be used by people who are self-employed.

Sometimes, a person will be able to successfully apply for a critical-skills visa without even having a job offer lined up in the country that they’re moving to.

When choosing which country to move to for work, it is worthwhile considering all the various factors that could influence your life when you get there. For instance, places like Vietnam and Cambodia are relatively easy to get into and have fairly cheap living costs. However, the amount of money a worker would earn there is, on average, far lower than what they might be getting from somewhere more exclusive.

On the other hand, countries like Switzerland and Norway are much harder to enter, and they have a much higher cost of living, but you will likely earn much more money once you get there.

In countries like the UK and South Africa, general work visas usually last for around 5 years, however, they can be renewed or extended once this time has elapsed. By contrast, an intra-company transfer visa will only last for 4 years in South Africa, and cannot be renewed or extended upon expiration.

Most countries will also allow work visa holders to apply for permanent residency, once they have been living within the country for a certain period of time.

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